Instead of worrying about meal prices, lodging, replacing torn clothing, and other miscellaneous costs as well as to represent the kinds of costs that turn up in daily life that aren’t reflected on the equipment tables, you pay a monthly upkeep cost based on the lifestyle of the character.
The upkeep can be assumed to take into consideration every expense except the cost of specific adventuring equipment – even taxes. Note that guild memberships are not included.

You should choose the level of upkeep your character is willing to pay.

To simplify things, below is a list of monthly living expenses. How a character lives their lives will effect how others in town treats your character. These costs assume that room and board is not provided by an employer, and thus covers rent/property maintenance. Those with a penchant for gambling or other vices should double the random part of their monthly expenses. Misers and hermits should cut the random portion in half.

Destitute: 10+2d10 cp/month
· Beggar or squatter
· Homeless
· Begs for scraps, or steals but gets at least some food most days
· Clothing in tatters

Self Sufficient: 20+2d10 sp/month
· Live off the land
· Lives in a ramshackle home or with others
· Raises own food
· Makes own clothing, purchase new shoes once a year, appears worn and grubby
· Pays occasional road toll as well as the poll tax

Poor: 50+2d10 sp/month
· Farm hand, common laborer, soldier or apprentice
· Lives in a flop house or common hall
· Eats at least one meal day. Enjoys meat once/week
· Drinks at least one mug of ale a day
· One set of clothes per year. Clothing is usually worn and grubby
· Pays a small tithe to a local church as well as the poll tax

Adventuring Class (basic): 10+2d10 gp/month
· Basic adventurer, mercenary, sell-sword, or vagabond with a PC class
· Stays at flop houses, the common rooms at inns, or in the stable loft if in cities or towns.
· Does not pay for stabling a mount
· Eats at least one meal day. Enjoys meat once/week
· Occasional night drinking in the tavern or a nice glass of wine with dinner
· Owns one set of traveling clothes, one set of adventuring clothes. Worn but clean
· Pays tolls and tithes to church

Middle-class: 20+2d10 gp/month
· Free farmer, store proprietor, military officer, clerk, skilled artisan
· Eats two or three meals/day and enjoys meat most days
· Drinks a couple of mugs of ale per day
· One set of clothes per year. Clothing is usually worn, but clean
· Contributes to the local church and pays taxes

Adventuring Class (successful): 40+2d10 gp/month
· Adventurer with some prestige or reputation
· Stays at inns in standard rooms
· Regularly stables a mount
· Eats at least two meal day. Enjoys meat a few times per week
· Drinks at least one mug of ale a day
· Owns jaunty clothing in clean, good condition. Keeps up with the good things in life
· Pays tolls and tithes to church

Well-Off: 100+2d10x5 gp/month
· Estate farmer, lawyer, merchant, master artisan, priest
· Eats quality food every day
· Drinks ale or wine every day
· Has at least one domestic servant and probably stables a horse
· At least one new set of clothes per season. Clothing is always clean
· Generous contributions to local church and pays property taxes

Adventuring Class (extravagant): 200 + 2d10x10 gp/month
· Adventurer with a solid reputation and great success
· Stays in the finest rooms at inns, or standard rooms at fine inns
· Regularly stables a mount, and may have a servant
· Regularly eats lavish meals with the best wines and spirits
· Owns regal clothing with jewelry.
· Attends and throws stunning parties, makes flamboyant gestures through large expenditures
· May own home with a staff of servants
· Pays tolls and generous contributions to the church, and pays property taxes

Wealthy: 400+2d10x10 gp/month
· Wealthy merchant, minor noble
· Eats large and varied meals every day
· Drinks bottled wine and spirits every day
· Has a small staff of servants, some highly trained. Probably has at least one bodyguard. Stables a horse
· New clothing every month, with a large collection of jewelry
· Major contributor to local churches, and pays property taxes

Opulent: 1200+2d10x50 gp/month
· Merchant prince or powerful noble
· Eats exotic foods and throws large banquets
· Copious quantities of the finest spirits consumed
· Large staff of servants and bodyguards. Has a stable full of animals.
· Large and elaborate wardrobe. May never wear the same outfit twice.
· Major contributor to all the local churches and charities, and pays property tax.

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