Uri is the fourth month of the year, and is named after the god Urian, god of the air and sky. Typically, this is the month when Urian’s storms (he brings the storms that carry Shalimyr’s waters) fade and the bright sky (Urian’s domain) can be clearly seen.

As spring settles into the lands, the Uri’s sun warms the earth. Sowing begins in earnest and the laborers of the field diligently tend their crops and herds. On the first day of the month, folks celebrate a secular local festival called All Fools Day.

This is month rife with religious holidays as well, both Urian’s and of other gods. The 1st of Uri hails the Rontran ritual of Sowing of the Seeds.

Urian’s main festival is held on the 5th, with the Celebration of the Sun, a planting holiday.

The week-long celebration of the Worthy Festival of the Five Perfect Blossoms is an Aymaran holiday, sponsored by Lord Pembroke Callington.

During the 15th through the 19th, Morwynites observe The Five Tears.

One of Maal’s holy events, Patriarch Day, is held on Uri the 22nd.

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