Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol urian Urian, God of the Air and Sky [NG] Radiant, Thunderous, the Wind Lord, Sky King, Sky Father, Great Sky, the Moon and Stars, Windwright. Javelin and Whip Air, Good, Sun, Night, Darkness and Weather Champion, Air and Freedom

Urian: God of the air, Urian is the heavens and the winds. He is kindly and gentle, but also gives in to the stormy side of his nature from time to time. Urian is neutral good and loves all life.

Holy Sites

There are no cathedrals dedicated to Urian. The eyries of Urian (as his Churches are called) and the Urianath (YUR-ee-uhn-ath) who worship there are now exceedingly rare in city settings. The eyries are not secularly strong, and one of their holy orders has vanished from the world. Indeed, the greatest of eyries are found high in the mountains, ancient and magnificent structures that offer a commanding view out across hundreds of miles of valley. These eyries are remote and hard to reach, and it is rare that the skylarks (the clerics of Urian) journey down from them. This does not make for a popular religion.

There are a few small eyries located in isolated towns across the land, but these are very rare.

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