Village of Karmai


Karmai is a Northern Jute village outpost. It rests at the foot of the Stongwind Pass, alongside the Bozhski River (although the natives call it The Silverflow. Primarily a trading village, it is known for its tolerance of all races (even if a bit savage), and is a rough safe haven of sorts, attracting travelers and criminals alike. An abandoned Dwarven iron mine is nestled in the nearby mountains, and gave this little village its start, but the dwarves have long moved on as the ore has petered out.

Karmai’s location along the Silverflow allows travelers to purchase small boats and navigate downriver. The flow is too swift, however, for the return trip against the current. The river provides an ample supply of fish and other river creatures for food and other necessities. In the last few years, travelers from the west have been rare, due to the presence of The Stone Witch, the result of which has been a depletion in the population. About half of the existing buildings are vacant, may decrepit and ramshackle.


  1. Village Well and Meeting Hall
  2. Hedman’s Stead
  3. Darkhorse Inn
  4. Stables (although most Jutes leave their steeds outside the village boundaries, as is their way.
  5. Old Bayan Bora the Maggi’s Home
  6. Home of Vachir (wealthy retired merchant)

(Karmai can be located on the Kushar regional map)

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Village of Karmai

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