Description: PCR standard wizard modified as follows:

WizardThe majority of wizards in the world hail from literate, educated societies, but there are many who come from barbaric or primitive cultures, and may substitute such items as rune staves, embroidered cloth banners, leather spell strips, or other such items, taken from the character’s culture, in lieu of the traditional spell book. Such items retain the equivalent costs

Regions: Some civilizations boast incredibly advanced universities formed solely to train wizards. In others, wizard learn the tradition from mentors, the apprentices chosen for their talents and abilities.

Recharge: In addition to the normal requirements for the daily preparing of spells, wizards gain benefits when they recharge their spells at a magical nexus.

Ritual Magic: Wizards may learn ritual magic. Arcane Ritual is a class skill. To do so they must purchase ranks in the Arcane Ritual skill, which is a class skill for them.

Available Classes




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