Wolf George

St George the Pitiless

Wolf George Saint of Rontra

“If the wolf has something in its teeth,” the proverb goes, “George put it there.”

This aspect of St George is very Rus and even amongst them, he is rarely worshipped openly, only invoked in the hardest of times. Sometimes, the weak, the sick, the old, the foolish, the criminal and the useless must be sacrificed, such that the community survives. It is this, the toughest of all loves for his people, that St George must sometimes display.

‘Wolf George’ – after the pagan beliefs that wood spirits sometimes single out the sick and the old for the wolves to eat – is called upon when such extreme measures are needed, although he also has a secondary and more generally acceptable role as the patron of public executioners.

Some people whisper of a terrible secret the most hardened of his devotees possess, but nothing is known about it for certain.

Abilities: Accurate Blow, Devotee of St George the Pitiless or Initiate of St George the Pitiless, Harden Heart, Life of St George, Sense Weakness, Spear Combat.

Virtues: Do What Has To Be Done, Pitiless.

Affinity: The Cull (Banish Nightmares, Banish Sentiment, Kill Weakest Quickly, See Inner Sin)

Rites & Representations: This aspect of St George is very rarely represented; the only existing icon in a church is the rather disturbing ‘George Weeps’ in the Cathedral of St George in Yuriev-Polsky. Technically, he shares the same feast days as the other aspects, but he is rarely directly celebrated.

Worshippers: Scapegoats, executioners, the desperate and the ruthless.

From Firebird Productions’ Mythic Russia




Wolf George

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