Worthy Festival of the Five Perfect Blossoms

Lords and nobles with a sense of the artistic, or who wish to present themselves as artistically savvy, often work with the Aymaran faith to promote great artistic festivals. These range in size and importance based on the wealth and prominence of the sponsoring noble. They take place primarily in spring and summer, though on occasion they happen in the autumn. These festivals, called Aymaran Festivities in general, but given very particular and often grandiose names in specific, nearly always include the sponsor’s name at the end of their titles (e.g. The Worthy Festival of the Five Perfect Blossoms in Spring; Lord Pembroke Callington sponsor).

There are many bards who make their living traveling from festival to festival and striving for the prize purse.

Aymaran Festivities are the most common Aymaran holy days, and local celebrants sanctify them in their opening and closing. No more than once every 15 years, a great council of celebrants may convene and determine that the time has come for a Bardic Championship. At such times, the celebrants have word spread to the four corners of the civilized world, telling bards of all races that the Championship is pending. It takes two years from announcement to commencement, and at the Championship bards compete in contests of composition, playing, singing, drama, and comedy. The winners are proclaimed the greatest bards of the civilized world, blessed by Aymara, and are bestowed beautiful silver medallions to mark their victory.

A Bardic Championship is considered a profoundly holy time for Aymarans, and they come from all around to witness such grandeur.

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Worthy Festival of the Five Perfect Blossoms

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