Symbol Name Titles Favored Weapon Cleric Domains Holy Warrior Domains
Symbol zheenkeef Zheenkeef, Goddess of Wine, Madness and Inspiration [CN] Red-Haired, Wild-Eyed, the Shifting, of the Many Ways, the Gnomish, Titan’s Root, Mother of Madness, Inspiration. Morningstar Chaos, Oracle, Inspiration, Trickery and Madness Freedom, Mind and Emotion

Zheenkeef: The goddess of inspiration, wine, and madness, Zheenkeef is the wildest of the gods. She is chaotic neutral and believes the world is suffused with unavoidable tragedy and stasis. The only proper response, as she sees it, is to embrace newness, invention, madness, drunkenness, and change. Zheenkeef is married to Tinel but cuckolds him with Shalimyr. She is the mother of Darmon and Amar.

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