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Welcome to the exciting world of CRIMSON SKIES, a role-playing game set in a world full of long established traditions, heroic adventure, exploration of lost civilizations, with mysterious ancient arcana, forgotten knowledge, powerful organizations, strong political influences, tyrannical overlords, mystics, oracles and seers, hidden cults, and strange exotic places.

The focus of the campaign will be on role-playing, character development, exploration and intrigue. Although combat is an essential part of any game, not all problems of this world can be solved at sword’s point. Pathfinder Core Rulebook, along with house rules and campaign specific features will be used. This is a custom campaign world.

This is a Pathfinder, campaign. The game world geography is of my own design, and will grow and become detailed as play ensues. Set in an Age of Exploration, an exciting era where men, elves and other fantastic races vie for power in their home realms and pursue dominance over distant lands, heroes carve their place in the world and in history itself by their strength, ingenuity, tenacity and courage.

There are many new lands and cultures for the characters to explore. There are the races of tradition, as well as many new exotic races to encounter. The campaign begins within the boundaries of the Free Kingdoms, civilized and traditionalized kingdoms, and the adventurers may indeed set a course for the hundreds of exotic and intriguing (and yet undiscovered) lands in the known world. During their explorations and adventures, the characters may encounter new races, classes previously unheard of, extraordinary feats and abilities, magics that defy tradition, potent deity-driven cults, and even mind-bending new planes of existence.

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Crimson Skies

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